Sidebar Overview

Sidebars are important parts for displaying the information in shop page, post page or etc. You can construct you web page with sidebars and main content. Alpus offers a very easy way to add left, right or dual sidebars to any pages of your web site. You can show your content by adding widgets to widget area. If you want to use another sidebar for the other pages, or custom post type pages, it’s also possible by using sidebars builder and layout builder.

You must first create a widget area and assign widgets to it before you can assign it to a sidebar because sidebars are containers that accept widget areas. Please learn how to create widget areas and assign widgets.

Sidebars provided by Alpus

  1. Shop sidebar for all shop pages
  2. Blog sidebar for all blog pages
  3. If you import demo content, product sidebar will be added to product detail pages.
  4. You can add more sidebars if you want.

If you want to know how to select the sidebar type, visit here.

Classic Sidebar


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