What is Alpus Layout Builder?

Alpus Layout Builder is a tool that apply any layouts to any pages on your website.

To open layout builder, please click Alpus > Layout Builder menu in admin’s main menu. Then, you can see some layouts already added by the theme.

layout builder
Layout Builder

Global layout affects all pages.

If you set header, or footer in global layout, then all pages have its header and footer.

Each layout affects pages belong to its display condition.

Each areas of layout are build like under images in general pages.

layout builder
Blog Page
Layout Categories

Layout categories are groups of layouts divided by display condition. Learn how to create.

  • All Layouts – Show all layouts.
  • Home – Show layouts applied for only home page.
  • Blog – Show layouts applied for only post archive pages such as blog page, post category pages, tag pages.
  • Single Post– Show page layouts applied for single post pages.
  • Search – Show search layouts applied for only search pages.
  • 404 Page – Show 404 page layout (well known as “page not found”)
Page Layout

Page layout is a set of options about used blocks, sidebars. And it affects pages belong to its display condition.

Page Layout