08. Menus

Setting Up a Menu

Alpus provides powerful and user-friendly advanced menu editor. Please enjoy creating your dreaming menu following step by step. Please go Appearance > Menus on WP admin side Step 1 Click create a new menu or select a menu. Step 2 Add new menu…

08. Menus

Menu Settings

To make the most of your menus, you should be familiar with the various settings and options that come with it. These are a mixture of WordPress core menu settings, and Alpus added settings. Note: There are 2 levels of menu items, the…

08. Menus

How to build a megamenu?

Alpus has a built-in mega menu that can be enabled on every First Level menu item in the Appearance > Menus tab. Make the most of your menu following step by step: Add a First Level menu to build as megamenu. Check Megamenu option and…