Cart Builder

What is Alpus Cart Builder?

Alpus Cart Builder is one of template builders that Alpus provides. It helps you build any layout of cart pages faster and easily with Elementor page builder & Alpus Dynamic content feature. You can manage your cart page layouts at Cart Builder section in Alpus > Templates page.

Alpus Cart Builder Elements

Alpus offers 5 types of cart elements. Each element is important part of cart page. As you probably know, the important components of cart page is cart coupons, cart shipping, cart table and etc. You can make any cart page layout which you want by drag and drop of cart elements. Then, let’s see the elements below.

How to use Alpus Cart Builder?

Step 1 – Go to Alpus > Templates

Step 2 – Click ‘Add New’ button on top of page.

Step 3 – In New Alpus Builder Modal, select Cart Builder in “Template Type” field. And give your block’s name in “Template Name” field.

Step 4 – The next step is to build your part with Elementor.

How to apply your cart page layout?

Step 1 – Please go to Alpus > Layout Builder

Step 2 – Please select Cart Page in left category sidebar that and create a new layout.

Step 3 – Click Content part. Here you can select your cart page template that you have created. Then click Save Layouts button