Type Builder

What is Alpus Type Builder?

Alpus supports useful and beautiful product, post and some other widget types. Every types are designed by expert designers and followed the requirements of customers. However, you are really creative and you might need new product and post type which suits the site well. Alpus Type Builder helps you to build more favorite types in a faster and easier way by using Gutenberg. You can manage your mini types at Type Builder section in Alpus > Templates page.

Alpus Type Builder Elements

Alpus offers 8 types of type builder. Each blocks takes a important role in post mini-type. You can make any type of layout as you want by just drag and drop type builder blocks. Then, let’s see the elements below.

How to use Alpus Type Builder?

Step 1 – Go to Alpus > Templates

Step 2 – Click ‘Add New’ button on top of page.

Step 3 – In New Alpus Builder Modal, select Type Builder in “Template Type” field. And give your block’s name in “Template Name” field.

Step 4 – The next step is to build your part with Gutenberg. Select post type and build your own type or import pre-built mini types from Alpus Studio.

type builder

Step 5 – The last step is to show your type in pages. You can show your mini types using Post Grid and Post Grid Archives widget.

post grid