Product Video Popup

Using a video for your products instead of images might be very useful to present your items in a better way. It is especially useful when it comes to digital products, such as programs, video games or such, where a picture is not enough to show their strengths at the best.

Alpus Product Video Popup plugin supports the most common video formats and be sure that your shop will benefit a lot from this illustrative feature.

1. General

product video popup general tab

Autoplay: Enable to autoplay product video when popup opens.

Infinite Loop: Enable to play video infinitely.

Show in Product Loop: Enable to show 360 degree popup button in product loop.

It looks like as follows.

video product

2. Popup

product video popup tab

Width: Input the width of 360 degree images popup in pixels.

Entrance Animation: Select one of animation to apply for popup entrance.

Video Guide