Cookie Consent

Alpus Cookie Consent plugin is one of the easiest, most effective, and popular cookie consent plugins available for WordPress. Get help complying with EU cookie law GDPR regulations with a custom cookie consent banner and cookie policy.

1. General

cookie consent popup general tab

User: Show cookie consent popup for logged in/out users.

Expiration Days: Cookie consent popup expiration day after user accepted policy.

2. Content

cookie consent popup content tab

Message Content: Input cookie consent popup text here.

Agree Button: Set agree button label.

Enable Privacy Policy: Enable to include privacy policy page link.

Privacy Policy Button: Input privacy policy page link label.

Privacy Policy Link: Input privacy policy page link url.

3. Design

cookie consent popup design tab

Background: Set background color of cookie consent popup.

Text Color: Set text color of cookie consent popup.

Button Background: Set accept and decline button’s background color.

Position: Select position to display cookie consent popup.

Animation: Select popup entrance animation.

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